Tuesday, 24 November 2009


I'm still here :) My, where does the time go ?! It's well over a WHOLE month since i posted here...unforgivable :( the reality is i've had no time to create just for me since starting my new job, infact today is the first time in ages i've messed around with my paints or drawn anything...have missed it.

A few weeks ago i signed up for one of Suzi Blu's fab workshops...you can find them here, not only is her work some of my favourite out there but she has me in stitches too. I can highly recommend for anyone thinking about taking one of her classes to do it...her videos are exceptionally easy to follow.

So this is some prep i did for Rodeo girl tonight...i wanted to have a go at drawing her face myself....

Rather than have the sketch sat in my sketch book i decided to make use of it, plus i've never worked with paints mixed with glaze before...but it's fun and very forgiving...just swoosh it around :)

I shall be back real soon promise...oh and a winner for the give away too...have not forgotten :)

Katy x