Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Master Snickups cloak

Dont you just love it when you rediscover a childhood treasure ?! I was looking through a box of books i have on top of the wardrobe the other day and came across this book 'Master Snickups Cloak' that i've had for 30 years ! Blimey that makes me feel old !

It was never really the story itself ( sorry Alexander Theroux ) but more the illustrations that captivated me, i would sit for an age just looking at all the weird and wonderful creatures, they are just amazing. I didn't make the connection for a long time but these are drawn by Brian Froud, the creator/conceptual designer of the fantasy creatures in The Dark Crystal and Labrynth !

I'm not hugely sentimental with books, fiction i tend to give away once i've read them unless i want to read again but this is one book i know i'll never part's going back in the box xx

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Ooooooo have gone all out goth !

Yep that's right another blog makeover ! Will I ever be satisfied ? Well I do love this one :) x

Monday, 12 October 2009

About time too !!

At last ! I've been dying to get my hands messy for the past week and tonight i managed to sneak a couple of hours making the cover of this journal..hurray ! I did worry about the red looking a little macabre, i think the inspiration came from the result of todays hair colour change, yes i am now officially a redhead and i love it ! no pics to share of that though, i'm camera shy today, lol.

These lovely cut out sheets are from Altered Element by Artchix Studio...i just fell head over heels for them, arnt they fab ? Well i have this sheet to give away, if you'd like it just let me know in your comment and i shall use randon org to pick a winner at the's a weeeeeee give away i know :)

Shall try my upmost to post again soon, thanks for popping by xxx