Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Master Snickups cloak

Dont you just love it when you rediscover a childhood treasure ?! I was looking through a box of books i have on top of the wardrobe the other day and came across this book 'Master Snickups Cloak' that i've had for 30 years ! Blimey that makes me feel old !

It was never really the story itself ( sorry Alexander Theroux ) but more the illustrations that captivated me, i would sit for an age just looking at all the weird and wonderful creatures, they are just amazing. I didn't make the connection for a long time but these are drawn by Brian Froud, the creator/conceptual designer of the fantasy creatures in The Dark Crystal and Labrynth !

I'm not hugely sentimental with books, fiction i tend to give away once i've read them unless i want to read again but this is one book i know i'll never part's going back in the box xx


  1. Brian Froud is my favourit artist, i met him last year at an exhibition he had in London and i have a huge signed print in my front room that he drew a little piccie on for me :) he is such a lovely man and his wife (wendy) who is a puppy designer make the most amazin fairys i talked to her for hours (such a lovely family) truely such an amazin day. The dark crystal is my all time favourit film i love it and the labrynth in my second fav, so when i found out about the exhibition it was a must go to event for me, its nice to know someone else who know who the king of fairys (brian fround) is. We are so alike hun in so many ways its scary hahahaha

    this book its stunning and the artwork in it is beautiful, treasure it xxxx

  2. C'mon then Katy, lets see you draw something like these - bet you can!!
    x Michelle

  3. Wow, some amazing picture here. Thanks a million! I am going to go google a bit. Hopefully I can find some nice related stuff. Definitely my kind of thing! Waiting impatiently for Alice in Wonderland! I guess you'll like that too. Night night, Lily.