Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Honestly today has been one of THOSE days, so, so stressful to the point of tears a few times. By mid afternoon all i wanted to do was come home and draw, paint and cut up bits of paper ! So thats just what i did and here's the end result.

It's a little 6x6 canvas...kinda cute and has a christmas feel too, peace is what i want most and i think the Sshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh has appeared from todays stresses, lol.
It's too hard i've decided trying to please everyone in my life...really enjoyed the brief escape from it all....sigh xx

When i'm all wound up i tend to stick channel O (classical music channel on sky ) on full volume to chill me this song :)


  1. Awww Katy it may have been a very stressful day for you but the piece of art you produced to get some Peace is sooo beautiful I just love it. I hope tomorrow is a much better day for you.

    Hugs Carol Ann xx

  2. Sorry your day has been so stressful but on the plus side what a gorgeous piece of art you have created xx Love it x Janet

  3. Wow... this is too cute for words... will have to try that when my stress levels get too Hope your day got better... I also had a rough day and like you to the point of tears a couple of times but hey.. tomorrow's another day right????... take care...x

  4. This is a beautiful canvas. Hmmm, stress might not be good for us but it seems like it does great things for our art :-)

  5. This is absolutely stunning, obviously your stress has turned into something beautiful xxxx

  6. WOW !! Beautiful canvas Katy, hope your stressy day got better, it's that time of the year !
    Lyn x

  7. i love this collage... i've had a lot of those sort of brimming teary december days too, and this little canvas makes it impossible not to smile :)

  8. Just calling by to say happy Christmas and a peaceful joyous and artful new year. Looking forward to more of your art next year :-)

  9. Nice to see you have joined my mini world! I hope you will have fun with us.
    I really like your designs.The colours are very rich.Just the kind I like!
    I've noticed that you follow several French blogs.Do you speak French?hmmmm...I haven't read your profile properly yet...maybe I will find an answer there.
    Oh! can you keep a secret? my next story is on its way, it is an adaptation of La Princesse au Petit Pois...Sshhhhhhhhhhhh...