Monday, 21 September 2009

A Quickie

A quick sketch coloured with pencils

and rather than leave it in the sketch book I've made it into an Atc :)

If anyone would like to swap with me it's available :) x


  1. WOW darling this absolutely STUNNING can i swap please ??? i promise i will attempt to make something as beautiful for you hehehehehe I LOVE the new blog and your drawings are amazin, i am now an official blog stalker woohoo xxxxx

  2. YAY oh how exciting cant wait to get this stunner in the post, what sort of ATC would you like ??? hand drawn ??? would you like to to do it to a theme ???? xxxx

  3. hand drawn it is then my love, i will have to let my creative juice flow and make something equally as beautiful for you xxx

  4. Love it to bits! The little dark side of the cuteness! I am so glad you rehome all these beautiful work. Now you can go crazy!!! lol
    Have a nice day!
    Hugs, Lily

  5. This is fabulous Katy xx Love your little pic of the cute baby sucking his fingers too my son James did this when he was young too!

  6. This is fab Chuck.....well done!xx

  7. i love this, there is something so appealing about her eyes and her deep expression, i think its moving, is it how you feel inside at the moment, searching, soulful, still?

    anne :)