Monday, 28 September 2009

Sooooooooooooooooo :)

Here it is, my first attempt at an Art journal page AND painting with acrylics, now I'm not ever going to be your next Michaelangelo, lol dont think I've spelt that right, they make it look so easy on You Tube...tons of video tutorials later this is what I've just finished, least I think It's finished ? So as I'm trying to find my feet so to speak just getting the techniques down this page is inspired by a few artists...I love the way Kelly Rae draws her faces and I seem to be leaning towards that style :)

'Is it all just a dream' is really me saying 'Am I wasting my time here ?'
Who know's and maybe who care's...I'm having fun :)


  1. This is lovely lovely lovely :-) Definitely not wasting your time! Love the way you have combined the stencils with the drawing, and beautiful use of colour too. Great!

  2. Love it to bits! The time was well spent. Beautiful!

  3. Fabulous Katy! keep at it!!x

  4. Oh Katy, you so are not wasting your time here, you obviously have no idea how brilliant your artwork is. You really really are good.
    I love this pic, it's brilliant!!!!
    x Michelle

  5. You definitely aren't wasting your time, I really do think your artwork is fab.

  6. Love it Katy! Have just booked on an art journalling class for feb maybe I should get some tips from you now!

  7. Hi Katy Long time no see, this is fantastic you old clever clogs you, hope you are keeping well. luv gina xx

  8. WOW Katy this is stunning !!!! hmmm definately putting to shame my attempt at art journaling !!! ive painted up my first page ill put a piccie on my blog soon so you can see it. Your painting is amazin darling, wish i could draw/paint faces like this, once again i am in awe of your talent xxxx

  9. katy this is truly lovely. i love the femininity of this picture, the colours, the swirls, the softness of her face, great! i too love kelly raes style and have a few sketches of my own which i will never share online, but they lift my heart and make me feel excited!! i'm sure u know the feeling!!! well done anyhoo, and let us see some more asap!!!

    anne :)

  10. What a fantastic new blog Katy! I love all the artwork you've been busy doing, so creative and expressive! I shall definately be popping back soon! Keep it coming, your work is fab!
    Hugs Shelly xx
    PS. Shame I haven't been here earlier, I'd have loved to do a swap with you, been a while lol!

  11. I absolutely LOVE your journal page, the drawing is stunning! As Arnie once said 'I'll be back' !!

  12. You are very talented, and most definitely not wasting your time. Your lady has such a lovely serene face, and is beautifully coloured.
    Keep it up, I love to see what you've created.
    Love & best wishes
    Elaine xx

  13. Wow Katy, what a fabbie artist you are! I think faces are the hardest things to draw and paint, but you have done a fantastic job, and really love your style.
    Keep it up Katy, I can't wait to see more.
    Love Sarita xx
    PS: How lucky are you working in a craft shop! huge congrats and hope it all goes well for you,

  14. Gosh!!! This is fantastic - puts my first effort to shame... Love it...x

  15. 'Is it all just a dream' is really me saying 'Am I wasting my time here ?'

    Here? In life? Hmmm... Most of us, I believe, are doing just that. ;)

  16. love it babe, well impressed..xx

  17. Oh Katy hun, this is stunning!!!!
    When ya gonna let me buy a Katy H original then?!
    Hugs x