Wednesday, 17 February 2010

It's the small things......

Honestly it is really the small things that make me happy, take for instance today.............I found this beautiful button at my local fent shop, it was sandwiched between the most ordinary tubes of buttons but soon as my eye fell on it I let out an " Oooooooooo "'s an inch in diameter and is made of plastic but I still love it :)

Now another find, this time at Paperchase...have a thing about blank Kraft books at the mo...anyway Saturday we headed off to Harrogate for a romantic weekend, which was lovely by the way, but craft shopping of any kind was a big no no that day but I knew he wouldn't count Paperchase as a crafty shop, and really I suppose it isn't, it's mainly stationary, which I LOVE anyway...but tucked away at the back of the shop was this's about 5' by 7'..the pages inside are a heavy weight Kraft paper.....see?
Sigh....want more :) am Happy :)


  1. Great find! Very striking button! I love it too!

  2. two brilliant find my love :) that button is FAB !!!!!! xxxx

  3. How clever is that,I love the button.
    Black and White is so timeless.
    Wonderful finds !!!
    Your so creative.... love your imagination.
    Hugs,Laura. xoxx
    Enjoy your day.

  4. It is good to know you feel happy.
    Isn't life sweet with those little cute things that make our minds wander in another dreamy little land?

  5. Your question is a good one.